In this age of technology, dealing with data has become a part of our daily routine. Making sense of raw and unorganized data can take time and effort. In the case of project management, an incorrect interpretation may result in losing millions of dollars for a potentially successful project.

That is where the concept of data visualization can help. Data visualization is the graphical representation of different kinds of data. This article will give you a robust idea of the importance of data visualization, its benefits, and an overview of Power BI, one of the best tools to visualize data.

What is Data Visualization?

A project deals with different kinds of data at every step. Trying to interpret the numbers in spreadsheets at every stage is nothing short of finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why data visualization is crucial in product portfolio management.

Data visualization is the method of expressing data in graphics, charts, and other visual representations. The entire purpose is to identify, locate, manipulate, and deliver raw information in the most efficient way possible. Moreover, visualizing data adds a storytelling aspect to raw statistics, helping us communicate its interpretation in non-technical terms.

Visualization is critical in monitoring and evaluating different campaigns and projects, especially regarding project status reports, risk management, timeline evaluation, KPI performance evaluation, and ROI calculation, i.e., organizing different kinds of project data.

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Why is Data Visualization Important?   

Whether it’s to inform a reader, convince a customer, or brief a stakeholder, data visuals are essential at every step of the process.

Make Faster and Better Decisions

Data visualization helps you make better and quicker decisions in product portfolio management. You can save energy and time while increasing accuracy in making crucial project decisions. As a result, you can reduce business costs significantly.

Easy Distribution and Data Sharing

If you convert a considerable number of statistics into graphical representations, you can save terabytes of storage. Distributing and sharing information becomes more efficient. Also, for effective project management, all the team members must constantly access the data to stay updated.

Increase Data Accessibility

A large part of a project manager’s duty is to present performance reports to senior management. Along with portraying the correct situation of different projects, visualizing these figures might help your team successfully pitch a new project. It also adds an extra layer of credibility to your story.

Microsoft Power BI: A Streamlined Data Visualization Platform

Power BI is one of the best drag-and-drop tools for data visualization. It has a desktop (desktop software), mobile app (available for android and ios), Getaway (connect statistics to different on-premise data sources), and service version (SaaS). The different versions give you the flexibility of accessing and modifying data anywhere.

How Power BI Visualization Works

Power BI lets you work across multiple data sets from numerous sources. You can collect the relevant figures from Microsoft Excel, SQL databases, flat files, Azure Cloud, etc. After importing those figures, Power BI will present you with a dashboard that you can use to manipulate the statistics via queries in any way you see fit.

Power BI’s best feature is simply dragging and dropping extra data and features to modify the existing statistics. You can also switch between different data types using the dashboard on the right side. Moreover, you can customize your Power Bi data visualization using various formatting options.

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Power BI Data Visualization: Unique Features

Power is user-friendly and exceeds all other data visualization platforms by offering superior features.

  • Power BI takes into consideration the different roles you may have for its usage:
    • Professionals
    • Administrators (Best for marketers, accountants, and similar functions)
    • Developers
    • Designers
  • It gives access to Microsoft cloud storage, ensuring your data is always safe.
  • The “drag and drop” features of the Power BI dashboard are very efficient and effective.
  • It gives you access to more than 70 data connectors.
  • It provides real-time dashboard updates through desktop and mobile versions.
  • It constantly improves through AI and machine learning.

FluentPro Power BI Team: Power BI Data Visualization

If you want your data in expert hands, look no further than the services of the FluentPro Power BI Team. They have over 10 years of experience in Microsoft Business Intelligence consultation services, including:

  • Data modeling
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FluentPro’s Power BI Team improves decisions regarding product portfolio management. Their valuable insights will help you properly allocate resources and time to suitable projects.

The team also stands out because of its genuinely customer-centric services. The experts here effectively turn your unorganized facts and figures into useful Power BI reports, ultimately boosting your decision-making process.

Final Words

Visualizing data can be intimidating if you are not an expert, and it’s also straightforward to get confused about the perfect tool to visualize all those raw statistics.

Power BI is the ideal data visualization platform to simplify the process. With its drag-and-drop tools, anyone can get started with data visualizations without any hassle.

However, you should always ensure that your data visuals are accurate. That’s why FluentPro Power BI Consulting services can manage your data visualization and analytics.

  • Time-saved on Power BI deployment
  • Exceptional reports customization
  • Over 25 pre-built reports on portfolio, projects, and resources
  • Development of an efficient BI strategy
  • Deeper data analytics and actionable insights

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