Data visualization can help you effectively present your data. Few tools are as effective as Power BI for developing actionable reports and dashboards that can explain, clarify, and amplify your message.

While Power BI provides an excellent set of tools to produce visually appealing graphics and dashboards, there is always growth potential. That’s where Power BI custom visuals enter the scene.

This article will explore a few built-in Power BI visuals and custom visualizations to make your Power BI reports and dashboards actionable.

Struggling With Power BI Implementation

Even though there are multiple benefits to implementing Power BI into their systems, companies often find it challenging to do so for several reasons, including:


Project managers often do not understand how to adopt and implement Microsoft BI technologies in their operations, which limits the scope of Power BI’s use.


Project managers come across the challenge of customizing the Power BI platform to the business’ maximum benefit.


Most project managers struggle to get business value through data analytics and visualization due to the difficulty of adequately using it.


Project managers can find it challenging to bring data from multiple sources under a single data warehouse and thus cannot integrate data successfully.

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Our experts help define BI strategy and develop and install the necessary infrastructure. Additionally, you can receive personalized and extensive customization while storing all data in a single data warehouse. Power Query ETL implementation is also provided.

FluentPro’s Power BI consulting services can help your business with complex data modeling, powerful DAX calculations, changes, and visualizations. The solution can also assist in the transformation of data into a Power BI dashboard, which delivers unique insights to help with more in-depth data research.

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The Best Built-In Power BI Visualization

Power BI’s default visualizations allow you to get actionable insights, including:


Sometimes, all you need is a simple table to reach your objectives. Power BI provides the table visualization you’d expect rows and columns with headings. Tables are ideal for quantitative data that contains many values for a single category.

Area Chart

Area charts are a line chart where the area between the axis and the line is filled to display volume. The space between the two charts is the key focus when presenting two measures.

You can use an area chart that displays both absolute values and variances as an area between the two values, especially when you are using a large dataset.


Slicers in Power BI are visual filters, which can be convenient for switching between years, months, or other comparable data. However, when you have more than five values, you will need to limit the use of slicers to just presenting up to five values and moving to a dropdown menu.

Bar Charts and Columns

Bar charts are the workhorses of visualizations. Column charts are best for visualizing a single category across time, whereas bar charts are perfect for assessing specific data over many types.

Waterfall Charts

Waterfall charts can be tricky in Power BI. They are excellent for visualizing a starting number, positive and negative contributions to that value, and the ultimate result.

The first column in a waterfall chart represents the initial value, while the final column represents the end value. The floating columns between them represent the positive and negative values.

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The Best Custom Power BI Visualizations

To customize your data visualization, you can make use of:

Text Filter

Text Filter adds a search box to your dashboard from which you can filter your data instantly, allowing you to search for relevant items on your dashboard quickly.

Visual Planning in Power BI

This tool is very effective for budgeting, planning, and forecasting, enabling corporate users to view data visualization while entering data. It changes interactively as people edit or add data to a dashboard or report, making it easy to change estimates and forecasts and see the impact.

Power BI Mapbox Visual

Power BI can be enhanced with Mapbox Visual for Power BI’s configurable heatmaps, point cluster maps, and graduated circle maps. Moreover, you can plug in to overlay Power BI data on a satellite map.

It has many complex features, such as viewing data differently at different zoom levels via layers. The closer you zoom in on the map, the more detailed the data is.

Gantt Chart

With this tool, you can see data linked to the task and the hierarchy of data categories. You can also sort data depending on any data point in the job.

Project managers may use the visuals to monitor projects, and users can check specific tasks and progress. These eye-catching charts will undoubtedly aid your project management efforts.

Hierarchy Slicer

Slicers are an excellent method of switching between filters, especially ones you use frequently. Hierarchy Slicer comes in handy if you wish to use more intricate slicers, enabling you to filter other report components using a Power BI hierarchy as a slicer.


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