Project managers wish to have well-designed Microsoft project dashboards and reports. Optimized dashboards and reports provide an incredible way of visualizing a project’s insights, data points, and status. It gathers information from all significant project touchpoints and combines it into a centralized platform so the entire team can immediately see all the information they want.

However, there are undoubtedly unique and fundamental issues associated with building Microsoft dashboards and reports.

Challenges of Building Reports and Dashboards

The following are the unique challenges that project managers face when developing Microsoft project reports and dashboards:

  • Simplifying dashboards and report development
  • Adapting and personalizing technologies to their advantage
  • Getting more Project for the Web reporting opportunities
  • Using big data and visualization to create business value
  • Increasing project data visibility
  • Connect Project for the Web to Power BI
  • Accessing advanced data analytics
  • Saving time on report design

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FluentPro Power BI Reports Pack for Project for the Web

While you may experience these difficulties, our FluentPro specialists understand your needs. As a result, we’ve created the FluentPro Power BI Reports Pack for Project for the Web.

This is an excellent tool for creating stunning MS Project dashboards and reports. This pack comprises over 25 pre-configured Power BI reports and immediate access to actionable information about your portfolios and projects.

Microsoft Project for the Web: Building Reports and Dashboards

The Power BI Reports Pack for Microsoft Project for Web has the following key features:

  • Provides fast access to comprehensive project and portfolio dashboards, delivering real-time project insights, analytics, and intelligence.
  • A one-of-a-kind solution is created by PPM specialists and includes 25+ ready-to-use reports that give analytics of projects, portfolios, resources, and issues based on fresh insights.
  • Power BI Project for the Web Reports Pack gives value for your money by allowing project managers to make informed decisions.

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Expand your data visualization opportunities with Power BI consulting services. Our FluentPro Power BI Consultation Team turns corporate data into improved business outcomes and wiser decision-making thanks to over ten years of expertise in customizing and adopting Microsoft business intelligence solutions. Our professionals can help you to:

  • Analyze your business
  • Define your BI strategy
  • Bring business intelligence under a single data warehouse
  • Implement Power BI
  • Integrate data from numerous sources
  • Transform your data into adaptable Power BI dashboards
  • Build customized reports

Our experts can happily assist your company with complex data modeling, sophisticated DAX calculations, modifications, and visualizations.

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What Benefits Will Your Business Get?

Power BI Reports Pack for Microsoft Project for Web provides you with complete visibility of project data, precise analytics, and informative reports.

Using Project for the Web Power BI will benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Tailored and sophisticated customization allows your business to derive maximum value
  • A BI strategy and plan to help your organization meet its business goals
  • More than 25 pre-built Project for the Web Power BI template reports on project, portfolio, resources
  • All project data is centralized in a data warehouse, so you can easily access and use it
  • Outstanding information and insight from Power BI dashboards and reports for enhanced project visualization
  • More in-depth data analysis for better decision-making


As you have seen, FluentPro Power BI Reports Pack for Project for the Web is an excellent solution for achieving broader visualization and making informed decisions. Its handy features will help you gain value for your money. Our team of experts can assist you in creating detailed reports for the Microsoft Project for the Web.

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