Project managers are responsible for managing all aspects of a project, including planning, scheduling, and monitoring. They are also accountable for the project’s success or failure; thus, they aim to make strategic decisions that lead to consistent project success. For this, they must access the correct set of data, visualized in dashboards and reports. However, project managers often face challenges while working on their Microsoft Project Online, which requires them to seek an advanced business intelligence solution. 

Challenges faced by project managers 

While access to data is essential to help project managers make informed decisions that will promote project success under their supervision, data visualization is challenging due to the following: 

  1. Limited reporting capacities. 
  2. Lower project data visibility. 
  3. Lack of advanced data analytics. 
  4. Significant time lost designing reports. 
  5. No opportunities for historical data visualization. 

To overcome these challenges, organizations need a solution that will enhance visibility while working on their Microsoft Project Online. 

Meet our incredible Team of IT experts 

If you face the abovementioned challenges, our FluentPro Team of experts has an efficient and effective solution. IT experts understand project managers’ challenges when working on Microsoft Project. From this nuanced understanding, they have developed Power BI Reports Pack for Microsoft Project Online, a tool that helps you visualize data and create reports to enhance visibility. 

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Power BI for Microsoft Project Online reporting 

FluentPro Power BI Reports Pack is a powerful, flexible solution for visualizing tasks and progress in Microsoft Project Online. This data-driven reporting solution allows project managers to enhance project portfolio visibility and analyze projects. The tool also generates Microsoft Project reports on all fundamental aspects of management activities, such as financial trends and risk forecasts. 

Project managers can use Microsoft Power BI to create reports and dashboards, analyze data, and communicate with stakeholders. They can also use Power BI to share data across different sites or external applications such as SharePoint or Salesforce CRM. 

Microsoft Project Reporting

Power BI Reports Pack for Microsoft Project Online helps you: 

  • Create custom reports and dashboards. 
  • Analyze data from multiple sources with one tool. 
  • Communicate with your team members regularly. 
  • Track your progress and keep all your records in one place. 
  • Access 25+ pre-built reports on a project, portfolio, or resource level. 
  • Attain higher levels (up to 97%) of full or partial synchronization. 
  • Get 100% automation of data and reporting visualization. 

Getting started with Microsoft Project Reporting with Power BI 

To get started, first sign up for an account with Power BI. This will give you access to all available tools in the toolbox and allow you to create dashboards and reports. This is a great way to get started, as it will enable you to see what kind of data can be imported into your reports without worrying about how much data you need or how much time it will take to import it. 

Then, connect your Microsoft Project Online data with Power BI. For help with this, turn to the Power BI consulting team. 

Afterward, using FluentPro Power BI Reports Pack for Project Online, access ready-to-use templates to easily create reports and Project Online dashboards on portfolio, resource, and project levels. 

It’s helpful to look at different kinds of reports for your business. The best place to start is by looking at portfolio workflow reports showing how things are going in your organization. Then, if any specific items are essential for your organization, these are also good places to add additional information. 

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We’re here to help you enhance the data visibility for your Microsoft Project Online using our efficient, effective solution. You can start using your Project Online reporting tool within a short time. With predefined reports, your data can be visualized quickly and easily. 

Benefits of using FluentPro Power BI Reports Pack 

Project managers that use Power BI Reports Pack for Microsoft Project Online will realize significant benefits for their organizations. 

  • Complete, real-time visibility of Microsoft Project data. 
  • Access to beautiful, instant dashboards at any time. 
  • Ability to adjust reports quickly if a need arises. 
  • Timely access to the correct information for confident informed decision-making. 

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