Microsoft Power BI has become an essential tool in the business world. Data sources are rising, and Power BI Office 365 bridges the gap between data sources and businesses’ capacity to acquire, interpret, and utilize that data.

Power BI integrates with Microsoft and non-Microsoft programs such as SharePoint, Excel, Common Data Services, and Salesforce. Once all the data is in a single place, your team can rapidly build comprehensive reports and dashboards for your stakeholders.

Power BI: Create Reports with Ease

Power BI is only valid if you create reports. Depending on the nature of your work, you may produce reports for your use or to share with coworkers.

There are many ways to create a report. For example, the Power BI service can make a simple report from an Excel dataset.

Making Power BI reports is much easier using Power BI Desktop. To ensure that the server and the app are always in sync, download the Power BI Desktop version optimized for Power BI Report Server.

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4 Ways To Share Power BI Reports and Dashboards

There are many ways to share Power BI reports and dashboards. Let us look at the steps you must follow.


Workspaces and Apps in Power BI

Power BI Service is structured into ‘Workspaces,’ collaborative environments with various access levels to dashboards, reports, and datasets. You can create workspaces for projects, departments, and teams depending on the need.

Power BI Desktop reports are published to workspaces. Report designers also use workspaces to build and share Apps, which are compilations of reports and dashboards accessible by company insiders.

Apps are convenient for providing reports to specific users, like stakeholders. The reports can be filtered, sliced, and drilled down by end-users, but they cannot edit the contents.

Commenting in Power BI Reports

You can quickly start a conversation by commenting on the report.

You can comment on dashboards, reports, and images on a report or dashboard. To tag team members, you will have to use “@mention.”

The tagged team members will receive an email instantly, along with a push notification on their smartphone if they have installed the Power BI Mobile App.

Moreover, Power BI bookmarks the report in the section where you commented. This allows other team members to see it using filters, slicers, and different data views. You will have to click the bookmark symbol in each comment to get the same view as the author when commenting.

Power BI Share Reports and Dashboards

First, you have to click ‘Share’ at the top menu to share your Power BI report or dashboard with others. Then, you will have to fill out the form and send it to your team. You can select reports from My Workspace, Favorites, or Recent.

Both internal and external users can access shared reports and dashboards. You’ll need a Power BI Pro or Premium Per User license to share data, and viewers will need the same permission to see the content. Power BI will add the report or dashboard to an internal ‘Shared with me’ page when the user clicks the link.

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Collaborate in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to integrate conversations and meetings concerning reports efficiently. Adding Power BI reports to Teams can help you avoid switching between apps during sessions, saving time and guaranteeing everyone is looking at the same information.

You can use Teams to work with Power BI in two ways. The first includes sharing in Teams by commenting, and the second is through Power BI Apps in Teams. However, you must ensure that Microsoft Teams users have access to chats and channels and viewing access to the Power BI report.


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