Businesses collect a vast amount of data today to make decisions. But the main struggle starts when they must analyze large chunks of data and derive valuable insights from them. This is where Power BI can help. 

Microsoft BI is a digital business intelligence tool that analyzes and visualizes raw data from other Microsoft 365 services to offer actionable insights. 

The tool blends business analytics, data visualization, and best practices to create interactive dashboards and reports. These insights assist businesses in making data-driven choices.

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What Does Power BI Stand For?

The complete form is Power Business Intelligence. This Microsoft BI software allows you to visualize the data on your Excel sheet by converting it to detailed charts and graphs. 

What is Power BI Used For?

The tool assists businesses in multiple ways. Let us look at some useful features. 

Access To Large Data Sets from Different Sources

Power BI can collect massive amounts of data from a variety of sources. It helps you examine, analyze, and visualize vast amounts of data, which even Excel cannot do. 

It can import data from Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, pdf, and other relevant data sources. Moreover, the Microsoft BI software integrates and stores data as PBIX files using advanced compression methods.

Dynamic UI/UX Features

The solution improves the visual appeal of data. It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface and functions that allow you to transfer all formatting across related visualizations.

Convert Insights into Action

It enables businesses to get insights from data and then convert those insights into actions that help to make data-backed decisions.

Excellent Excel Integration

Power BI assists in collecting, analyzing, reporting, and sharing Excel data. Additionally, anyone with experience in Office 356 can easily connect Excel queries, reports, and data models to the dashboard.

Stream Analytics in Real Time

The solution makes Real-time Stream Analytics feasible. It allows businesses to collect data from different sensors and social media sources. Moreover, access to real-time analytics ensures that you are always prepared to make quick decisions.

Easier Collaboration with Azure to Prepare Big Data

When you use Power BI with Azure, you can analyze and share massive data. An Azure data lake can improve cooperation among business analysts, data engineers, and data scientists by reducing the time needed to gain insights.

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Power BI Services

It offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) called Power BI Online. You have to log in to BI Service first before you can access it.

It lets you make Power BI reports and dashboards, connect your data, and provide solutions to queries regarding the data. 


Its architecture is an Azure-based solution that can connect to various data sources. Additionally, you can use Power BI Desktop to produce reports and data visualizations based on the dataset. 

Moreover, the gateway is linked to on-premises data sets to provide complete data for reporting and analytics.   

Furthermore, you can connect to Power BI Service from anywhere using mobile apps. Applications are available for Windows, iOS, and Android.

Why Businesses Struggle with Data Visualization

It is a handy and necessary tool for businesses today. However, many companies find integrating Power BI into their systems challenging. Here are some of the reasons why: 

Unknown Scope

Businesses often find themselves confused when adopting Microsoft BI technologies and struggle to implement the tool in their system.

Unfamiliar Customization Techniques

Customization methods are usually unknown to businesses for which they cannot make the most of the platform. 

Limited Understanding of Business Value

Some businesses fail to understand what to do with data analytics and visualization. So they fail to generate business value. 

Inability To Integrate

Businesses often can’t figure out how to gather data from several sources into a single data warehouse while working with the BI tool. 

You need Microsoft BI, but are you second-guessing your ability to maximize its use? You don’t need to worry- FluentPro has got your back. 

FluentPro: Your Reliable Assistant

FluentPro Power BI Consultation Team converts data into corporate results that are easier to understand and can help you make better decisions. The team has over ten years of expertise in adoption and customization. 

Its consultants can assist you with developing your BI strategy, architecting and implementing all the infrastructure required, and transforming your data into flexible Power BI dashboards.

Moreover, FluentPro can assist your company with complicated data modeling, advanced DAX calculations, modifications, and visualizations.

Why FluentPro?

Are you still confused about FluentPro? Here’s a brief rundown of the advantages FluentPro offers.

  • Tailored advanced modification
  • Benefit from a BI strategy and plan
  • Single data warehouse to store all the data
  • Remarkable Power BI reports and dashboards Insights 
  • More in-depth Data Research 

Final Thoughts

You need to source data and then analyze it for better decision-making. But with access to the sheer amount of data today, data analysis and evaluation seem like time-consuming and tedious tasks. 

FluentPro Consultancy is here to help you utilize its full potential.

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