Power BI Consulting Services

Let Data Drive Your Results

Our business intelligence experts with 10+ years of experience in Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies will provide you with professional Power BI consulting: define your BI strategy, architect and implement all the needed data integrations and warehousing infrastructure, and turn your data analytics methodologies and models into comprehensive and flexible Power BI dashboards that produce all the important and critical decision-making insights.

BI Strategy & Business Analysis

After thorough research of your data and its infrastructure our Power BI consultants and business will create a BI strategy and roadmap to address your organization’s problems related to unexploited data and help you achieve all your business objectives through informed decision making.

Data Warehousing Architecture & Maintenance

Our Power BI services team will help to bring all the needed business intelligence data from multiple under a single data warehouse with advanced architecture to unlock deeper insights and data-centered decisions and maintain all high level of data safe.

Data Сleansing, Preparation & ETL

Our services include importing data from almost any database, flat file or web service using custom interfaces (API), custom connectors or web services, and prepare this data for optimal visualization using Power BI.

Power BI Implementation

Our Power BI consultants will walk you through all the process of Power BI implementation and customization to create a perfect BI environment fitting your business needs and get the most out of the interactive dashboards and BI reporting features.

Multiple Data Sources Integration

We service our clients with the creation and customization of direct integrations of massive volumes of data from all kind of sources, including databases, raw files, and external applications to analyze and interpret in Power BI.

Data Modelling

Our Power BI consultants specialize in advanced data modeling in  Power BI Desktop, writing complex formulas and queries using DAX, Power Query ETL implementation and logical dimensional model (i.e. Star Schema) design.

Power BI Visualization & Reports

With our outstanding service and experience in data visualization, we build Power BI reports & dashboards with exceptional usability to ensure dashboards are easy to use and highly functional.

On-Demand Power BI Consultants

Whether you need a deeper research of your business intelligence needs that involves Power BI consulting experts or you just need external help in customizing or implementing your Power BI environment, we are happy to offer our dedicated Power BI consultants.

Get Real-Time Reports

Our Power BI consulting services will help you unlock the true potential of the Microsoft Power BI platform and we do not limit our offer just to our reporting packs: we have technical knowledge and capabilities of creating reports of any nature and complexity.

What You Get

  • Win-win BI roadmap and strategy based on Microsoft Power BI
  • Multiple data sources integrated into Power BI to serve all your business intelligence and data analysis needs
  • Descriptive and predictive analytical models using powerful APIs and transformed data
  • Live customizable dashboards, scorecards, key performance indicators on top of those analytical models
  • Explorative and interactive data visualizations uncovering valuable insights for smart decision making
  • Unlimited sharing capabilities where all other team members can seamlessly access Power BI reports
  • Proven Power BI consulting experts ready to assist you on any business intelligence tasks or ideas you have

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