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Power BI Report Pack for Microsoft Office 365 Planner

Wondering how to get informative and timely reports based on Microsoft Office 365 Planner data? We are happy to offer you a simple, but yet powerful solution – integrating your Planner data into the Microsoft Power BI toolset. This will allow you to create amazing reports about the various aspects of your portfolio: plans progress, task management, timelines. You will see all the data you need in a form of customizable dashboards.

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Power BI Report Pack for Microsoft Project Online

Looking for a flexible and powerful solution for reporting on your Microsoft Office 365 Project Online performance? So why not use Microsoft Power BI for this? Here at Power BI Team we offer you a Power BI reporting pack that uses your Project Online data so that you can see all the progress indicators of your portfolio, resource usage, timelines in one place any time you need these insights.

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