Power BI Content Pack for Reporting on Microsoft Planner Data

The FluentPro team has worked with Microsoft Project Management and Work Management Platforms for over 10 years now. Having such an extensive and unique expertise allows us to understand these platforms’ capabilities and limitations better, and eventually led us to designing our own Power BI Report Packs for Microsoft Office 365.

Power BI Reports Pack for Office 365 Planner

Power BI opens up a whole new world of reporting to Office Planner users. It allows using its power to visualize portfolio data and build or update project dashboards quickly and easily!

Users can build project dashboards and reports for Office 365 Planner in a matter of seconds, using dozens of charts and components that display real-time project data. And as importantly, users can instantly adjust dashboards to address changing requirements without waiting for IT or report developers.

Each and every report is created with data-driven decisions in mind that are crucial for project, portfolio, work, team, and even cost management. As a part of FluentPro Power BI Pack for MS Planner, we provide the following standard reports:

  • Portfolio roadmap,
  • Project analysis,
  • Executive summary,
  • PMO overview,
  • Team overview,
  • Resource dashboard.

While information alone could provide all the required input for management, its processing, structuring, and visualization serves as an edge in terms of timeliness and quick response to the constant challenges every project or company deals with on an everyday basis.

The Value

Making data-driven decisions has always been fundamental for organizations of any size or industry. However, the problem of today’s rapidly changing business environments is that we can be easily overwhelmed by the amount of data.
That is why we’ve decided to introduce our own Power BI products that would enable easy and effortless reporting, as well as PPM data visualization.

The benefits of connecting Power BI and Office 365 Planner:

  • Full visibility of Planner data,
  • Instant and beautiful dashboards of any kind,
  • Real-time project data display,
  • Ability to adjust reports in a matter of seconds.

For more details or a demo, please contact the our team. To learn more abouth the Power BI Pack for Microsoft Planner, visit its page