Power BI Consulting vs. In-House Team: What to Choose and Why?

Small and medium-sized businesses usually move forward by the “trial and error” method: you choose a direction, you stumble, you fall, you change course. Analytics helps to identify patterns and adjust the course. Thus, they have highperformance dynamics. According to statistics, 20% of S&M businesses over the world go bankrupt in the first year of existence, and only about half will celebrate three years. In order not to be those, who sunk, decisions need to be made quickly. So, every small business, startup, or beginner team needs one of two things: solid business analysis or a miracle. 

Power BI is an exceptional Business Intelligence and Analytics tool. It ionly a matter of time before it becomes the preferred platform of choice for BI and analytics with most forward-thinking enterprises. Power BI is a powerful tool in the hands of businesses that want to extract and convert data to obtain meaningful insights. Some of the unique Power BI benefits are: 

  • Powerful dashboard graphs and visualizations. 
  • In-memory analytics feature and columnar database. 
  • Both ease-of-use and performance in a single BI tool. 
  • Interactive geo-mapping with by Bing Maps. 
  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) scripting for creating measures and columns. 

But before you implement Power BI, it is important to understand why does your enterprise needs a business intelligence system? And more importantly – who will implement an outsource specialist or staff member? 



Recruiting specialists for a full-time in-house team is for those who want maximum control over the projects. By hiring a team, you know that they will be engaged solely and exclusively in your projects and will be completely immersed in the process. Of course, we can also mention greater loyalty and interest in a common cause.  

Inhouse teams also require you to ensure that employees who are not familiar with each other work together well and become a real team. This will allow you and your business to achieve great results. The main obstacle that you must overcome is, in fact, the search for talented analysts with knowledge of all the nuances of Power BI. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort to find those who are skilled enough yet work well with each other. Plus, here are some headhunting expenses: 

  • Placement, advertising vacancies 
  • Conducting an interview 
  • Recruiter Services 
  • Wages 
  • Taxes and insurance premiums 

In-house PROS: 

  • You discuss the salary level with candidates yourself. 
  • You’re always in control and aware of who does what.  
  • The response speed of the team is also higher. 
  • Working on staff, people are much more involved – they have no other projects. 
  • Another important point is that you choose people and create your corporate culture. 

In-house CONS: 

  • Finding candidates with specific skills is necessary. 
  • Cool specialists are not easy to find, and they need to be paid well. 
  • To make everyone work together well is also your task. 
  • If an employee works in-house, you pay taxes and insurance premiums, provide room and equipment, pay for vacations, etc. 
  • When your business grows, you will have to expand your staff and re-engage in recruiting. 


If you prefer to outsourcconsultants, you get a fully-equipped team. These will be specialists with a clear understanding of the planning and organization of the process. This will save a lot of money, time and nerves. But you must formulate goals, problems, determine the functionality, etc. That is, tell the partner how you see the outcome and what you want to get from it. At the stage of adoption, technical details are worked out, and the information provided by the customer will be the basis. Throughout the project, you will need to give timely feedback. Try to be in touchThis will help avoid delays and disruption of deadlines. 


What is important to consider when choosing consultants? Key criteria are: 

  • Process,  
  • Experience, 
  • Price. 

Price. So, you have a budget, and you need someone who can meet it. It is also necessary to discuss the type of contract you will have (the hourly payment or the fixed price for the whole contract), the payment procedure, and the amount of the prepayment. Do not repeat the mistakes of thousands of customers who chased the lowest price and got an unsatisfactory result. Not a single decent consultant will work for pennies, and if someone asks for 50% less than the average market value, there must be some kind of trick here. 

Process. Ensure your compatibility. The approach of outsourcing professionals should be understandable and close to yours. A competent partner will make sure that the process is as transparent as possible, and the interactions are comfortable. Mutual understanding is the key to success. 

Experience. Experience with Power BI, similar projects and Microsoft products, in general, is one of the most valuable advantages. If a partner is familiar with the features of Power Bi, he can do the work quickly, but also share his experience and help avoid common mistakes. 


Consultants PROS: 

  • Experienced professionals 
  • You have access to experts in various fields. 
  • Choose once and get the “complete set.” 
  • No more looking and headhunting. 
  • Additional resources can be connected quickly and easily. 
  • You do not take care of additional staff (you can save a lot on this). 

Consultants CONS: 

  • No outsource team can compare with the in-house regarding control. On the other hand, if you have a well-established contact – any problem can be solved. 
  • A lower level of involvement in the common cause. 
  • Specialists can work in parallel on other projects. 
  • There is a risk not to work well together. 
  • Support will be cheaper, but the response rate will be slightly lower. 


Data Analytics Outsourcing VS In-House 

If you want to develop a “method to the madness,” you most definitely need a team that will do it. There are two options for solving the issue: to recruit specialists in-house or use the help of consultants. When choosing, focus on the budget and the availability of experienced specialists in this niche. 

Imagine a startup company thatlet’s say, plans to consolidate all the most interesting news from around the world into a single newspaper. The masses of data they would scrape from news sources and social media would be their ‘product.’ This data would need to be analyzed in near realtime with alerts for certain keywords and topics to create the news publication. This function must be performed in-house. Such essential data must be close by, accessible, malleable, and secure. At the same time, the background IT that supports the website could be stored and analyzed in the cloud by an outsourced provider. Business criticality is the key.  

Many experts believe that if data is critical to a company’s success that it must be kept in-house. That’s whdata analytics will be the difference between success and failure in almost every type of business in the coming years. Business data analytics has been and will continue to be made possible by new tech use. So how do companies today leap light speed and become business data analyzers? Do they go outside and hire data analysis consultants or try to develop the capability in-house?  

The fundamental question must be ‘how business-critical is the data?’ If the data is essential to the company’s business survival, it should be kept in-house. Other analytics can be outsourcedEven though Power BI allows for deep dives into long-term analysis and business processing, it does not put enterprises in a position to avoid consulting and any other help. Power BI allows to scale data and distribute it to many involved parties (owners, stakeholders), which works as built-in security.  


How Can FluentPro Help You? 

Being a Microsoft Power BI consultant with extensive years of experienceFluentPro aids companies who need a Power BI adoption and implementation. Our business intelligence consultants who possess Microsoft certification and expertise exhibit strength in the Power BI market. What makes us a perfect choice of consultant for any enterprise is: 

  • Proven track record 
  • An all-encompassing Power BI knowledge 
  • An unprecedented level of understanding of planning and executing 
  • Expertise in Data Analytics  
  • Commitment to providing transformational business value to our customers. 

FluentPro offers you the following: 

  • Better implementation,  
  • Post-installation and maintenance support; 
  • Understanding your current business environment; 
  • Easy and effective implementation for quick Power BI deployment  
  • A robust return on investment 

Getting started with Power BI? We offer professional Power BI consultation services, including the initial express consultation where we help you analyze your business case and find a solution, design of the robust enterprise data architecture, custom reports development.