Microsoft Power BI: Editions Overview

Microsoft Power BI is a set of business analytics tools that connects hundreds of data sources and delivers powerful insights. Power BI allows creating beautiful reports and publishing them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices.

There are three Power BI editions available on the Power BI pricing page: Free, Pro, and Premium. Below, we’ll review the differences between the three to have a better understanding of all the capabilities.


Power BI Free

Microsoft Power BI Free edition is included in all Office 365 Plans and is available for sign-up at any convenient moment. To get it, go to the Power BI website and make sure that you log in with your Office 365 account. You can also use other accounts, but if you want to use this license with Project Online, you have to sign up with the account with which you access Project.

This free version allows you to connect to a limitless number of data sources, clean and prepare your data, and build visualizations using all of the types of visualization options available in Power BI Pro.


Power BI Pro

Power BI Pro edition is an additional $9.99/user/month, and it includes some extra features:

  • On-Premise Data Gateways – means that it allows you to connect to any data you have On-Premise and analyze it.
  • More Data Storage – specifically, up to 10 GB per license.
  • Better Data Refreshes – for the team to always have the latest version of your data.
  • Sharing and Collaboration – share your data with individual co-workers or publish enterprise-wide “content packs.”


Power BI Premium

Organizations with Power BI Premium edition have a super-powered server running their Power BI environment (at $5,000-$20,000/mo.), which allows them to surpass some limits.

  • Separate Resources – so that now your Power BI operations couldn’t be slowed down by other users outside your company.
  • More Storage – up to 100 TB of data storage to share.
  • Larger Datasets – work with datasets up to 50 GB in size.
  • Free User Sharing Access – free users are able to consume shared dashboards.


To summarize, while Power BI Free is quite functional, there are certain limits on data refreshes, sharing, and data storage, which makes Power BI Pro an attractive upgrade. Power BI Premium, on the other hand, is a powerful upgrade if you want to process very large datasets. However, regardless of which version you choose, you will have access to real business intelligence, offering insights that will help you make smarter decisions and ensure the future health of your company.