Power BI and Project Online: Getting the Most Out of This Union

Data has become a sophisticated area these days. The number of sources and the amount of incoming information are making data very difficult to comprehend and analyze. To make the best decision and to keep projects on track, project managers require insights into their resources. However, data expansion coupled with data complexity often challenges project managers and PMOs to create an up-to-date project report or portfolio report.

With its interactive reports and dashboards, Microsoft Power BI is designed to boost project reporting and make data-based decisions possible at all levels.


How to get the most out of your Project Online with Power BI
  1. Use interactive dashboards to view live project data.
    Personalized dashboards show each project metric in the form of tiles, i.e., project by department, cost, and work burn-down, project health KPIs, etc. Power BI consolidates on-premises and Cloud data for you to see all the important aspects of your project at a glance.
  2. Use natural language for a search query.
    Natural Query Language (NQL) is when you type your question in a search box and get charts and graphs with real-time data in them: e.g., “Project cost above $50k”.
    It helps reduce complexity and makes it faster to get the data you need.
  3. Use content packs to share your work.
    Instead of sending project reports via email, you can now create them in Power BI and publish them as a content pack to your team. Content packs might also be used to share dashboards, Excel workbooks, and datasets.
  4. Visualize project data for business insights.
    The key Power BI feature is data visualization, and the tool gets frequent updates with new visuals added on a regular basis. This empowers executives, PMOs, and PMs to use Microsoft Project to automate business processes, capture data from various LOBs, and define the relevant mapping between LOB data and project entities through customizations.


Power BI provides an excellent opportunity to accumulate all the project data, analyze it, and see the reports in an easy-to-use environment. Start exploring it today to see in what other ways it can benefit your organization, and enhance your reporting capabilities even more with the FluentPro Power BI products: content packs for Microsoft Planner and Project Online.